How To Find The Right Executive Leadership

When a Venture Capital or Private Equity Fund evaluates a company to determine if it will invest in a company, leadership evaluation is a vital part of the due diligence.  Just because a company has a verified and robust pipeline, doesn’t mean the leadership can capitalize on these opportunities.  Often, the absence of successful leadership in areas outside of business development and sales, such as finance and operations, can be JUST AS IMPORTANT! In order for a company to thrive, and grow beyond its  initial start-up gains, it needs to have sophisticated leadership in every arena – business development and sales, operations, finance, legal, and human resources, to success and achieve at the next level.  Regardless of whether the company is looking to grow to $5 million, $20 million, or $100 million in annual revenue.

One difficulty typically found is that for most companies, the owner/founder is not always the best person to run the day-to-day operations. Often these executives are trying to be everything to everyone. Not only is there not enough time in the day, the skills utilized in starting a successful company are not necessarily those needed to grow or run a larger company.  Typically, the owner/founder needs to hire seasoned, skilled executives in business development, operations, and/or finance to run these areas of the company. It’s hard for the owner/founder to give up control, and it’s difficult for most to realize that they cannot do and be everything for the company that they have been so successful in creating.

Or, perhaps these other executives have been hired, but they are just not up for the task at hand – driving for growth, running a larger company, or sheparding the company into a more sophisticated marketplace. The problem of having the right leadershipis all too common, but the solution CAN be painless.

We’ve all heard the stories of those stellar companies that died on the vine because they didn’t have the A+ leadership needed for success. Potomac Recruiting has an exclusive database and an extensive network of relationships with A+ candidates and leaders who know how to deliver success and growth. Those people do not sit on every street corner, and are not easy to find. We can help by delivering the needed executives with the right skill set, experience, and drive. The right strategic hires allow a company to grow, develop, and provide the essential capital return. Potomac Recruiting can get you there.

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