Our Approach

The Potomac Recruiting Difference

93% of the people we have placed remain on the job within the first three years of employment

In today’s environment, it is very hard to find and attract top notch talent that will want to embrace transition risk and join a new environment. To achieve spectacular results for our clients Potomac Recruiting delivers a customized approach to meeting their needs. We use an artificial intelligence driven proprietary database to drive our research and all candidates that we present for consideration have gone through three vetting interviews with our lead recruiters before they go forward for consideration. Everyone at Potomac Recruiting is so confident in the integrity of our results that we do not accept final payment until one year after the candidate we placed has retained. Integrity is our most important asset and we ensure our clients are happy first and foremost. As part of this one year final payment guarantee, we are happy to come and meet with the company and the new hire we placed three times in the first year to make sure that the transition and on-boarding process are going smoothly. This approach has led to having an over 90% rate of retention of all of our clients for future searches.

We Embrace Your Unique Needs

No two companies or individuals are the same, and we approach each project with this understanding.

Every company has its own culture and specific goals that contribute to a new hire’s success. Because our team specializes in placing executives across a wide range of industries we have specifically hired recruiters that have extensive background as former executives in those industries - allowing for them to have insight into the challenges that are specific to the companies we assist. We understand the pressure of running a P&L, of making your business development annual goals, of working with investors and private equity, of onboarding new Board members, and in trying to further your diversity your workforce. Our staff has all been there themselves as former functional leaders, i.e. CFOs, general counsels, heads of business development, board members, investor relations leads, and program managers. To truly ensure that the executive we place is successful within your organization we first take the time to place the appropriate recruiting team to lead you search- people with background in the position you are hiring and also the industry in which you operate.

We Focus on Relationships

Our high success rate in placements ensures clients return year after year.

Our track record of success is the number one source of pride within our firm. The high rate of retention of all the candidates we have placed across our entire client network worldwide is a measure of distinction for our firm. As a boutique, high-touch recruiting firm we have earned a world class reputation as a recruiting firm that delivers quality and has the integrity to stand behind our efforts. Nothing is more important than the relationships we have formed over the last decade with our clients and with the candidates that we place.

We live diversity and help you find the best qualified and most diverse candidates to meet your needs.

We help our clients create and maintain a culture of diversity that rewards competency and substance.

Diversity has become a buzzword; but that should not diminish the fact that it’s a key component in creating long-term success for all organizations. Diversity creates strength - and has been proven to be a key component for business growth. Hiring a diverse workforce also promotes innovation in company cultures. A 2015 study by McKinsey showed that companies with ethnically diverse workforces do better financially. For instance, they’re 35% more likely to financially outperform their competitors who do not emphasize diverse hiring practices. Gender diversity also helps a company’s bottom line as well. Businesses who have gender-diverse workforce are 15% more likely to financially outperform less diverse companies. This data indicates that companies should seriously consider promoting both gender and ethnic diversity simultaneously for continued growth.

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