Candidates We've Helped

Rudy Cohen - Customer Experience Executive, Genesys

“I hired Potomac Recruiting’s career services folks to help me at a key moment in my career - when I was looking to transition both my role and the industry I wanted to work in. As a former military officer, I wanted to transition away from defense contracting into a related but tangential field. The team at Potomac completely helped me see my resume and previous career experiences in a different light and re-did my resume and social media profiles in a way that truly highlighted my strengths and told the best professional about where I was headed and why I belonged there. Literally, the next place I submitted my new resume to I got the job- and I am still there as an executive to this day (at Genesys)! Thanks to the team at Potomac I have successfully taken my career in a whole new direction!”

Rudy Cohen

Jason Amerine

“I was referred to Potomac Recruiting for help with my resume, and am so glad I found them.  They did a terrific job and I was very pleased with them and their results.”

Jason Amerine