Career Consulting

We prepare you to seize your next opportunity

At this point in your career, you can’t afford to take your next job lightly. It must be a challenge, a step forward, and a chance to make a meaningful difference for both the organization you join and your own career. It makes sense for you to surround yourself with a team of experts that believe in your career goals - and have the tools and experience necessary to help you reach your full potential. When you partner with the career consultants at Potomac Recruiting, you aren’t getting someone motivated just to find you a job quickly. Our career consulting clients benefit from:

  • Guidance from an industry expert who takes the time to understand your professional goals
  • Industry insider critiques of resumes and social media presences
  • A customized toolbox to ensure you’re on the path to success

Whether you’re looking to take the next step in your current career path or you’re ready to take the leap into a completely new field, our career consultants will work with you throughout every step of your search process. You are much more than the bullet points on your resume, and we take the time to identify the intangibles that make you who you are. Your diverse background is valuable, and we will help you communicate that value to potential employers. We guide you through a customized job search and provide support courtesy of industry-leaders.

You’ll work with a team of seasoned professionals who will work together to guide you through what can be a complex and stressful process. With a team that understands your skills, goals, personality, and values working with you, you can trust that the process is focused on advancing a career.

Some of the services we provide to career consulting clients include:

  • Strategies for job search and placement
  • Resume review and refinement
  • Assistance in formulating networking strategies
  • Mock interview sessions
  • Social media account review, with a focus on identifying professional networking opportunities
  • Salary and benefit negotiations coaching

Every one of our individually tailored career consulting packages provides opportunities to engage with our career counseling experts, leading to successful career growth for our clients.

If you’d like to learn more about our career consulting services, and how they can help you propel your career forward, contact us today.