Interview Training

We Prepare You to Stand Out from the Crowd.

A successful interview is the result of practice and preparation, not innate skill and luck. Practicing and preparing alongside an experienced consultant offering guidance and coaching fine-tunes your interviewing
skills and can give you an all-important edge over other candidates. Our interview training service matches job seekers with dedicated personal mentors to evaluate your interview skills and create a targeted plan for improvement.

You benefit with guidance from a professional with years of experience, professional training, and first-hand knowledge of organizational hiring practices. Your industry-insider mentor will conduct interview training and mock practice sessions and use the results to deliver clear and specific feedback aimed at improving your interview skills. You’ll end the interview training process well prepared, comfortable, confident and with an edge over other candidates navigating their interviews alone.

Our initial training session includes:

  • An introduction to your target industry from the employer’s point-of-view
  • A focused strategy session - including talking points, interview style suggestions, and a list of possible questions to consider during your interview
  • A realistic, one-on-one mock interview with a Potomac Recruiting interview coach
  • A debriefing session after your mock interview, including a behavioral session that highlights your strengths and weaknesses, and clearly lays out a strategy for improvement

And if you think you’d benefit from more support, Potomac Recruiting also offers an even more comprehensive training session comprised of all the above interview support along with our premier resume support services.