Resume Services

We Help You Tell Your Best Story

People, in general, tend to underestimate the effect that a bad resume can have on your job search. At Potomac Recruiting we have seen it all- resumes in baby blue font, with personal photos of pets, inaccurate
information, misspellings, etc. Trust us when we say that none of that is good for you! Your resume often serves as your introduction- or first impression- to the hiring managers, and while a great one does not guarantee that you will get the job, a bad one definitely guarantees that you will not. A good resume tells a cohesive story - about your academic and professional backgrounds, how they shaped who you are now, influenced your career goals, and contributed to you being the best candidate for the specific job that you are currently applying for. Many candidates think that telling the story of why they are a good fit for the current or previous jobs is sufficient for the target employer to make the leap that they are the best fit for the new one. This is rarely true. In today’s world candidates are up against so many uncontrollable obstacles: prior personal relationships, demographic challenges, the intensity of the labor market- why should they take one they key components of the process they can control - their resume - and not put their very best foot forward.

Our experts work one-on-one with job seekers at all experience levels to create personalized resumes and cover letters that differentiate them from their competition. Resume services at Potomac Recruiting are ideal for any professional who:

  • Is updating an old resume
  • Is creating a first resume, and has limited professional experience
  • Isn’t getting results with a current resume
  • Needs a Board resume - a unique document separate from a job-seeking resume

Our resume services experts support job seekers throughout the whole job search process, providing expert guidance through:

  • Resume writing
  • Resume review
  • LinkedIn profile refinement
  • Social media account review - including identifying networking opportunities
  • Cover letter development
  • Thank you letter creation

Enlisting the support of the Potomac Recruiting experts delivers results. Our proven abilities and unique processes helped 92% of job seekers receive job offers within the first four months of their job searches.

If you’d like to substantially shorten your job search, and dramatically increase your response rate, contact us to learn more about Potomac Recruiting resume services.