M&A Talent Diligence

We Lay the Groundwork for Future Success by Synchronizing Talent

The simple truth about mergers or acquisitions is that what makes them most effective - the ability to scale operations - is also what makes them most difficult. Combining the operations of two organizations into one is not only challenging and emotional, but also has long-term implications if not done correctly.

Approaching the mergers and acquisitions process without a clear understanding of an organization’s existing talent is a recipe for problems down the road. While talent diligence is an important step, it’s not usually an easy one. Evaluating talent is a somewhat subjective process and has the potential to create uncomfortable situations during a time when tensions are already running high. Fortunately, Potomac Recruiting can create clarity in this process.

Our expert consultants will work alongside your organization throughout the entire process. We provide the support you need through a variety of services, including:

  • Determining the necessary skill sets for employees in key positions and defining what the profiles for best candidates should look like.
  • Assessing candidates for key leadership roles, making sure to evaluate your existing employee base for both talent and non-performers.
  • Establishing processes to identify talent within your firm and within the organization you’re acquiring, and offering you paths to invest in and promote internal talent going forward.
  • Creating systems designed to maintain an open flow of communication - quelling rumors and easing fears among your staff.
  • Addressing redundancy - determining which positions (if any) will overlap between the two organizations.
  • Working closely with your marketing and communications staff to clearly share important information in-house.

Our process forms the groundwork for a smooth and successful organizational transition.

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