Retained Search

We Fit Our Processes to Your Needs

Just like no two candidates are alike, no two organizations are alike. We optimize the retained search process at Potomac Recruiting to address your organization’s individual needs. First, we meet with you to better understand your organization, what your short term and long term goals are, and how this position will help you achieve them. We use that in-depth knowledge to conduct a customized search that will identify the highly-qualified candidates you need to find the right person.

Our process works! We place executives in C-Suite and key leadership positions across organizations all over the country. Over the last decade, we have successfully worked with over 500 clients in a wide range of industries and boast a 93% retention rate through our candidates’ first three years with a company.

We Do Our Homework

Credentials are important. But, they’re just one component of a successful placement. Focusing on pedigree at the expense of culture-fit and shared goals is a recipe for subpar results. So, we do our homework upfront. We immerse ourselves in your organization before starting the search process. We identify not only the work requirements but the distinct culture that makes your organization unique. Getting the full picture allows us to make sure that the candidates we bring to you will have the skills and personality they need to help you meet those goals.

We Cut Through the Noise

Our senior partners act as extensions of your organization - from directing the search process to representing your company positively and professionally to candidates. Our team will identify qualified and suitable candidates, and conduct three rounds of interviews before determining if a candidate is a strong fit for your organization. While we will keep you updated through a weekly pipeline report, we won’t waste your time on candidates that might work. When we identify a candidate, we will pass their information - including a detailed and customized candidate profile - to you.

We Respect Boundaries

Once you begin your interviews, we are as hands-on as you need us to be. Every client needs, and receives, a different level of support throughout the interview and negotiation process. We will step in whenever requested - whether that is to open our conference room to you to conduct interviews or mediate the negotiation process. The bottom line is that you will stay in the driver’s seat throughout the process, and we deliver success on your terms.

We Enable Success

Unlike other firms, our support doesn’t end after a candidate accepts an offer. Instead, we stay involved, as needed, throughout the candidate’s first year. We confirm that both parties are pleased with the placement, facilitate communication when necessary, and contribute to building a long-term relationship between the candidate and the organization. As a result, over 93% of our candidates have remained with the same company for three years after placement.

We are Confident in Our Process

Anyone can boast about an approach on a website. Not anyone can follow the Potomac Recruiting revenue model - a unique model that enables us to produce exceptional candidates who will dedicate themselves to your organization. When you use Potomac Recruiting to fill a position with your organization, we do not receive our final payment until that candidate has been with you for a full year.

Contact us today to discuss your retained search needs - and discover how Potomac Recruiting will deliver the results you need to meet your organizational goals.