Succession Planning

We Prepare Your Organization for Tomorrow, by Planning Today

Plan today to avoid stress tomorrow. It’s a simple idea that applies equally well to most situations - professional or personal. Developing organizational succession plans is no exception. Transitional periods are unavoidable and can create disruptive uncertainty for both internal and external stakeholders. Dedicating time to succession planning now goes a long way towards ensuring your organization can weather internal change while still meeting organizational goals - no matter when that change happens.

The Potomac Recruiting team has extensive experience helping companies with succession planning for CEOs and key executives. This broad base of experience gives us the ability to develop a plan tailored specifically to your organization’s needs. Our methodology combines our training and coaching knowledge with our recruiting expertise - resulting in a proven, successful approach, that will include:

  • Conducting an internal bench review of current employees
  • Training and development of internal candidates
  • Recruiting outside candidates, if necessary

You end the process with a clear plan to help you navigate transitional periods and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your organization is prepared for whatever comes your way. Contact us today to learn more about our Succession Planning Services